Experience Your Korean Culture in Virtual World

Date Dec 02, 2021

 Korea World opens Nov 30 with a variety of Korean cultural contents to enjoy


The Korean Culture and Information Service (Director PARK Jung-Youl, KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) launched the virtual (Metaverse) exhibition hall called “Korea World” for the first time this year to create a virtual environment where people can enjoy the Korean culture and discover new Korean contents. The newly launched virtual space called “Korea World” opened on November 30 to serve as a venue for international Hallyu fans to share and communicate with the contents they have created. The name “Korea World” shows the purpose and desire to gather Korean cultural contents in one place and to enjoy beyond physical boundaries.


 The exhibition hall is filled with a variety of parts to see and enjoy, including novel and diverse contents seen from a non-Koreans’ point of view. The main exhibits include 140 award-winning pieces of works (nine themes) out of approximately 40,000 submissions from the international content contest called “Talk Talk Korea 2021” and the 50th Anniversary of KOCIS.


In the exhibition hall, people will enjoy opportunities for not only viewing contents (works), but also taking pictures using avatars and chatting with other viewers. There will be also an event to experience Korean culture where people can try on traditional clothes Hanbok[1] and Gat[2].


In addition, a special contest using the Korean contents from the exhibition hall will be held, where virtual visitors can be fully engaged. After enjoying the KOCIS 50th Anniversary Hall, participants can create a video clip, including how they felt about Korean culture while viewing the works in the exhibition hall.


The exhibition hall can be accessed through koreaworld.co.kr and also via the 50th anniversary special website of the KOCIS. The contents and functions of the exhibition hall will be updated regularly to satisfy the virtual participants. As part of increasing the access, people will be able to access via mobile.


   Director PARK of KOCIS said “I hope that various Korean Wave contents seen from outside Korea will spread again via Korea World, an expanded virtual space, which was newly tried and built for the Millennials and Gen Z at home and abroad. KOCIS will try to diversify Korean content to meet the new Hallyu demand in the future as well.”

[1] The Hanbok is the traditional Korean clothes, literally meaning “Korean clothing”, which people wear on formal or semi-formal occasions, such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. MCST established “Hanbok Day” in 1996 to encourage South Korean citizens to wear the Hanbok.

[2] Gat is Korean traditional hat worn by men along with Hanbok during the Joseon period, which is made from horsehair with a bamboo frame and partly transparent.