December 29
Created Culture Facilities Planning Division
For the systematic performance of cultural facilities management and use affairs,

the Culture Facilities Planning Division will be created under the Culture and Arts Policy Office as a temporary unit that will exist until December 31, 2026.

October 30
Renamed division names
The Digital Communication Production Department under the Public Communications Office was renamed the New Media Communication Support Division,and the Performing Arts Museum of National Theater of Korea was renamed the Museum of Performing Arts/Exhibition Team.

June 30
Reorganized the National Theater of Korea
The Customer Support Team of National Theater of Korea was abolished and the Resident Companies Support Team was created.

May 24
Released some positions from the Open Position System and reorganized the Asia Culture Museum
The Director of the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, the General Manager of Gender Equality Policy Division, and the General Manager of Global Communication and Content Division of the Korean Culture and Information Service were released from the Open Position System.

The Content Planning Division and Content Business Division of the Asia Culture Museum were abolished and the Exhibition Planning Division and Performance Business Division were created.


December 1
Changed the name of teams and divisions in headquarters and carried out organizational restructuring to create positions for affiliated institutions

The Policy Analysis Team was renamed Data-based Policy Team in order to clearly define the role and tasks of the data-centric division. To strengthen the promotion of state affairs through broadcasting planning within KTV, the Broadcasting Planning Office was created.

September 1
Creation of Artist Support Team

The Future Culture Strategy Team was created under the Planning and Coordination Office, and the personnel expense ceiling system was abolished due to the expiration of the period of existence. The Artist Support Team was created under the Arts Policy Bureau to reflect the growing importance of artists' welfare and rights guarantee under the said ceiling system.

July 1
Organizational restructuring to create Sports Legacy Team

The Sports Legacy Division, created to assess performance, was abolished based on assessment results, and the Sports Legacy Team was created based on the personnel expense ceiling system to ensure the continued operation of sports legacy-related policies.


September 24
Asia Culture Center expanded and restructured

With the revision of the Special Act on the Development of Asian Cultural Hub City, the Asia Culture Center took over the function of the Asia Culture Institute (32 persons in four divisions expanded to 122 persons in one office with seven divisions).