In 2022, the lives of Korean citizens will change.

  • K-Culture Festival
    budget increase by 3.7 billion won; 5.5 9.2 billion won [ International Hallyu fans ]

    Large-scale music events, including K-pop concerts, awards ceremonies, conferences, and opportunities to explore various Hallyu content

  • Marketing support for relevant sectors
    new budget: 4.5 billion won [ Hallyu-related companies interested in foreign markets ]

    Hallyu marketing (45 corporations) through platforms (drama studios, etc.), business affiliation (culture, food, etc.), and product placement

  • Korean language education
    budget increase by 8.9 billion won; 89.2 98.1 billion won [ Hallyu consumers worldwide ]

    King Sejong Institute-endorsed educator training (234 → 270 centers), teacher training courses (12 → 16 countries)

  • Tourism marketing
    new budget: 3 billion won [ Inbound tourism ]

    Differentiated marketing approach by area—China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe and America—for reviving tourism amid and after the COVID-19 pandemics

  • Culture Day
    budget increase by 2.7 billion won; 16.1 18.8 billion won

    Deals for performances and exhibitions and special programs on Culture Day—last Wednesday of each month—or during that week

  • Sports activities through clubs
    budget increase by 26.3 billion won; 15.0 41.3 billion won

    Support for custom sports activities with the passage of the Sports Club Bill and outreach coaches

  • Healing through arts
    budget increase by 1.6 billion won; 2.0 3.6 billion won

    To appreciate culture and arts in everyday life ❶ Set specific support targets ❷ Establish connection with regional infrastructures ❸ Develop non-face-to-face programs

  • Metaverse content production
    new budget: 16.8 billion won [ Artists, creators, producers, and enterprises ]

    Content for experiencing traditional games and metaverse-based arts for the spread of Korean cultural values

    Content producers associated with games, animations, and fashion; support for creating public functions—Korean language and culture education

  • Art Culture Lab
    new budget: 16 billion won [ Young artists ]

    One-stop, comprehensive service platform

    Space to support culture ❶ Production ❷ Exchange, education ❸ Demonstration, distribution ❹ Job creation

  • Fair and safe video production environment
    [ Small and medium-sized producers ]

    Contract guidelines on production costs and profit allocations between OTT providers and production companies

  • Cooperative ecosystem in the production and distribution of performing arts
    new budget: 8.7 billion won [ Performing arts groups and theaters ]

    Support for the production and distribution of performing arts on a collaboration basis among public and private theaters and arts groups