“Busan Contents Market 2021” Hybrid event to be held

Date Nov 03, 2021


“Busan Contents Market 2021” Hybrid event to be held
Fresh competitive contents to expand the Korean wave through global media festival


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST), Busan Metropolitan City (Mayor PARK Heong-joon, Busan), and the Busan Contents Market Organizing Committee (President HWANG Eui-wan, BCM) host “Busan Contents Market 2021” from November 3 to 12 at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO) Convention Hall and via official website (www.ibcm.tv). The offline event will be organized from November 10 (Wed) to November 12 (Fri) and online market will be held from November 3 (Wed) to November 12 (Fri).  


Marking the 15th year of the international market, the theme of this year’s event is “Connection the world through content!”. With unexpected occurrence of Pandemic worldwide which lasted for the past two years, BCM has been serving as the gathering of international broadcasting industry for buyers and sellers by promoting safe business transactions and communications of media businesses. In this year’s event, approximately 500 participants, including producers at home and abroad, media outlets, and OTT (Over-the-Top) service providers, and distributors are expected to take in this hybrid international event.


In particular, for the first time this year, BCM opens a new content space on the 3D virtual online market, creates new flow of culture, and makes new values. This year, the BCM 2021 uses virtual reality (metaverse), which helps visitors and participants to vividly enjoy and exchange their experience. Participants will have opportunities to talk to avatar (virtual figure), watch contents together, and chat virtually.


As for the international participants, broadcasters from Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Nigeria, Uganda, Kazakhstan, and Iran newly participate in this year’s BCM. During the two days from November 10 to 11, there will be eight different sessions, including the topics of development of short-form platforms and OTT platforms in China, domestic OTT platform development plan. Also, keynote speeches will be delivered by SONG, Byung Joon, Chairman of the Korea Drama Production Association and KIM, Kwang Min, content operation manager at TikTok Korea on the development of short-form platforms. On the second day, speeches on the growth and issues regarding Youtube and Live Commerce will be delivered. Also, there will be a round table discussion under the topic of “How Close Are We to Virtual Reality?” where vibrant and new insights are expected to be shared among participants. Experts from all walks of life from broadcasters, online streaming services, and video contents will deliver lectures on the overall industry and the latest trend. For more information, please refer to the official website of the BCM (www.ibcm.tv) or call the committee (051-747-6440).


Minister HWANG said, “As the popularity of the Korean contents are increasing, Busan Contents Market will provide us with the potential and opportunity for our future media industry and serve to improve the global contents market.”