K-Pop comforts global Hallyu fans and shares messages of hope through concert

Date Oct 27, 2021

K-Pop comforts global Hallyu fans and shares messages of hope through concert

K-Culture Festival to be held at KINTEX from 13-14 November


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) will be hosting the ‘2021 World K-pop Concert (K-Culture Festival)’ from November 13 through 14 to comfort global Hallyu fans and share messages of hope amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. This concert will be livestreamed online through its official ‘K-Culture Festival’ YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/c/kculturefestival).


Directed by composer Kim Hyung-suk, this year’s festival will feature the ‘World K-Pop Concert’ and the K-Culture Fan Fair. Lia from ITZY and Jeno from NCT DREAM will be the MC of the show and the concert will kick off on Sunday (Nov 14) at 7pm with dazzling dance performances by HOOK, a female dance crew appearing on “Street Woman Fighter” - the latest TV show that has become a huge sensation. The following popular K-pop artists will perform their main songs to bring excitement to Hallyu fans around the world: NCT DREAM, a group at the center of the Hallyu craze around the world; KEY(SHINEE), a singer and musical actor; aespa, a band that is popular with a unique concept featuring virtual characters called Avatar; ITZY, a group becoming a big name in the K-pop scene by gaining worldwide attention; and PENTAGON, a new powerhouse in performance boasting unique charm. The Chief Director Kim Hyung-suk produced the theme song of the festival, which will be sung by all participants as a finale, marking the end of the concert.


In addition, performances reinterpreting the incorporation of K-pop and Korea’s tangible and intangible cultural aspects, including Hangeul and Hanbok, will be showcased by The Painters, an art performance team combined with cutting-edge media art, Saengdonggam Crew, Korean traditional fusion performance team using LED, Project WERO, Korean traditional music performance team, and K-Tigers, Taekwondo performance team.


Also, the ‘K-Culture Fan Fair’ will be held as a concurrent event of the festival on Saturday (Nov 13) and Sunday (Nov 14) at Kintex. The fair will provide opportunities to experience various Korean cultural aspects from Korean food (Hansik) to fashion and beauty, and rising K-pop artists, including ‘BAE173,’ ‘Ciipher,’ ‘PURPLE KISS,’ and ‘woo!ah!,’ will add more excitement by making an appearance at the fair to meet with their fans.


For more information and latest update about the festival, please visit the official website at kculturefestival.kr. The two attached files also show the detailed schedule of the performance.


Appendix 1. 2021 World K-pop Concert (K-Culture Festival) Overview

                 2. 2021 World K-pop Concert (K-Culture Festival) Cast