Son Heung-Min in Korean Tourism Video to Attract Tourists

Date Oct 18, 2021

Son in advertisement promoting Korean Tourism with Seven Types of Images


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST), together with the Korea Tourism Organization (President AHN YoungBae, KTO), announced that Korean tourism videos featuring world-class football star Son Heung-Min are released from 18 October. Son was appointed as an honorary ambassador for Korean tourism on 6 July to raise interest in Korea and promote Korea as an attractive international tourists’ destination when people will be able to freely travel in the near future. 

Starting from 18 October, the overseas advertisement videos for Korean tourism starring Song Heung-min, a world-class soccer player who is active in the English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur and the Korean national football team, are available worldwide to attract international tourists. The videos are shown through online media, including Korea Tourism Organization's YouTube channel (Imagine your Korea) and Facebook, as well as Son Heung-Min's personal SNS. The Korea Tourism Organization website (VisitKorea) also introduces Sonny's Pick recommended by Son Heung-Min.

Son won the Asia Player of the Year Award (AFC) for the fourth consecutive year (17-20) and six times for the first time. In December 2020, Sky Sports in the UK named Son 'The Most Famous Person Existing in Korea'. This advertisement for Korean tourism featuring Son Heung-Min is expected to contribute to the increase interest in Korea and improve the recognition of Korean tourism, which will be equivalent to about 42 billion won.

The theme of the advertisement is “This is my KOREA, What’s yours? This video was filmed outdoor both in Seoul and London from July to October. Passionate, Fast, Creative, Smart, Fun, Lovable, and Spectacular are seven charms of Korea and these seven different images are expressed together with Son Heung-Min's characteristics as a soccer player. In addition to the main advertisement video, two additional series, including an 'interview advertisement' in the form of direct interview with Son Heung-Min and 'Behind the scene', will be released in a week.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism added that Son, who has world-class recognition and popularity, is expected to increase the awareness of Korean tourism after COVID-19. In particular, Son speaking in English in the advertisement will add leaving a long-lasting impression not only on football fans around the world, but also on people who are interested in Korean culture as a whole.


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