K-Books, Ready to Meet the Audience in 14 Countries

Date Oct 12, 2021

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, Minister HWANG Hee) and the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea (KPIPA, Acting Director SHIN HyunSu) host Korean book promotional events in 14 countries, including the UK, Japan, Spain, and Belgium to provide opportunities for international readers to get a feel for Korean literature, taste and read  Korean books. This event was organized in collaboration with 14 Korean Cultural Centers overseas to promote and support international readers meet Korean books more closely under the Pandemic challenge where face-to-face events were difficult for the past two years.


Marking the Hangeul Day on October 9, there are various events held. The Korean Cultural Center in the UK will hold the “Korean Culture Month” during October at the Foyles bookstore located in Soho, central London. Diverse kinds of books will be exhibited, including Korean webtoons (a type of digital comic originated in South Korea) and books originated from movies. Also, a special event of showing Korean calligraphy event will be held to promote the Korean books and the language.  


The Korean Embassy in Sweden (Ambassador HA Taeyeuk) is holding a Korean picture book exhibition, "Art for Children”, and introducing Korean picture books for one month from September 14. This exhibition is expected to lead the popularity of picture books in Sweden, after the Baek Heena’s book, which received the Lindgren Award in 2019. The Indonesian Korean Cultural Center organizes event called “Hallyu: Speaks K-Book” in early October, displaying locally introduced translated Korean books and gives a special lecture on Korean books design techniques.


Following the October events in Sweden and Indonesia, various K-book events will be held in November as well. The Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam will hold an event in which writers meet with audience. The writer of the book “The Hen Comes Out of the Yard”, Hwang Seonmi, and Kim Nan-do, who wrote “A thousand times shaken adult” will have a talk with readers and audience. The Korean Cultural Center in Turkey meets with local readers through the Korean Literature Week called “K-Literature Globalization” event from November 1 to 6.


To mark and celebrate the 120th anniversary of diplomatic ties with Korea this year, the Korean Cultural Center in Belgium sets up an independent space for Korean books at 20 bookstores in Brussels and Antwerp between November and December. The event is to exhibit Korean books and give lectures introducing Korean literature, which will increase opportunities for international audience to access and enjoy K-books.


Africa is ready to enjoy the Korean literature as well. There are many interesting events lined up for K-Book events. The Korean Cultural Center in Nigeria will hold a special K-book exhibition at Abuja University in November to show the cartoons and novels that were made from K-dramas originally. In line with the opening of the Korean Cultural Center in South Africa, an exhibition called “Recognized Korean picture books” event will be held.