2021 Korea Contents Week Becoming a Symbol of Korea

Date Oct 06, 2021

Korean Culture and Information Service (Director PARK Jung-Youl, KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) hosts “2021 Korea Contents Week” to promote Korean culture throughout the world in various ways starting October at seven Korean Cultural Centers (KCCs).[1] “Korea Contents Week,” newly introduced by KOCIS, is Korea’s comprehensive cultural festival, sharing vibes of the cultural festival at every corner of the world and providing online cultural promotional videos.


In 2021, Korean culture opens “the door to serendipity” and sends “comfort messages” to the world through culture to people across the globe. Marking the very first year, the project is named “Korea Contents Week” with the slogan of “Make Your Days Better” hoping that Korean culture sends a comforting message to all the people who are a having hard time due to COVID-19.


Starting from October the KCC in France will open diverse exhibitions under the theme of “Hangeul” to celebrate Hangeul Day and Hangeul performances conducted in immersive content. The KCC in Los Angeles will host “KCC LAFC NIGHT”, including a K-pop performance and a calligraphy class for writing names in Hangeul. The KCC in Kazakhstan will host a K-pop performance and share the story of Korea overcoming the pandemic. The KCC in Hongkong plans to hold an event where people can share the issue of the climate change by providing a kit for solar power turtle ship.  KCCs in Russia, Vietnam, and Belgium are also hosting diverse cultural events where all the locals can participate. Moreover, the MCST and Korea Creative Content Agency plans to hold a travelling exhibition on immersive content in Russia and Hongkong, providing people with opportunities such as media art by d’strict and immersive content of movie Parasite, shown at UNESCO and the KCC in France, which captured great attention.  


KOCIS is also producing five representative online videos under the themes of “Charms, Artisanship, Life, Spirit, and Dream” using different types of material and techniques. “Charms” covers Korea’s beautiful nature, fashion, and folk tales. “Artisanship” shows the fusion of Korea’s intrinsic craftsmanship and dance by K-pop stars. “Life” reinterprets Korea’s traditional snacks and food ingredients in modern ways. “Spirit” covers an attempt to adapt Korean literature into hip hop music. “Dream” introduces a performance video capturing dynamic movements of Taekwondo using action cameras. Each video will be subtitled in six languages and be released on the official website of Korea Contents Week and KOCIS YouTube channel starting from late November.


Director PARK said, “Marking the 50th anniversary of the KOCIS this year, the project will be the first step to concentrate on introducing Korean culture at major hubs across the world. We hope that this project provides people of the world with an opportunity where they can enjoy various Korean culture festivals encompassing culture, industry, and immersive technologies.”

[1] Seven Korean Cultural Centers are France, Hong Kong, LA, Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, and Belgium