Commitment Brought Together to Achieve Clean Sports without Doping

Date Apr 08, 2021


- Celebrating ‘2021 Play True Day’ on April 9 (Friday) in a virtual manner -


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee, hereinafter ‘MCST’) will hold the ‘2021 Play True Day Ceremony’ at 2p.m. on April 9 (Friday) at Crystal Ballroom, Lotte Hotel World with Korea Anti-Doping Agency (President Lee Young-hee, hereinafter KADA). In particular, this time the ceremony will be live-streamed online via Youtube channel of KADA in order to minimize attendance at the event site to prevent further spread of COVID-19.


World Anti-Doping Agency has designated and promoted Play True Day every April since 2014 to raise awareness among sports figures across the globe on realizing clean sports without doping. This year, under the theme of ‘What does Play True mean to you?’, the ceremony provides thought-provoking opportunities to reflect the value of fair and true sports in respective positions.

Marking its second anniversary this year, ‘Play True Day Ceremony’ will be held with commendations for merits of anti-doping, interviews (video) and presentations on cases, recital of declarations against doping, and cultural performances. Lawyer Kwon Eun-min who serves as the chairperson of KADA Sanctionary Committee will be nominated as a merit of anti-doping to receive a commendation from the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the year.     


Expanding online education on anti-doping in spite of the COVID-19 crisis

  According to Article 15 of the Promotion Act on National Sports, MCST is pushing for anti-doping policies to prevent athletes from prohibited substances and promote spirit of sports via fair competitions in sports activities. Since its establishment in 2006, KADA has been committed to expanding education and publicity on anti-doping, conducting efficient doping testing, as well as encouraging international cooperation.


Particularly speaking, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis last year, KADA established guidelines for doping testing in response to COVID-19 to achieve sustainability in anti-doping activities, and expanded online education for anti-doping. MCST also signed a MOU with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to strengthen cooperation with relevant ministries. This year will be dedicated to widely spreading the dangerous aspects of doping as well as raising the overall public awareness on anti-doping activities by actively expanding the education and publicity on anti-doping and engaging different stakeholders besides professional athletes, such as student athletes, their parents and the non-professionals.


The 2nd Vice Minister Kim Jeong-bae cited, “The most urgent priority that needs to be done to eradicate doping in sports is to increase constant interest and active participation of individuals, including athletes, coaches, sports organizations, parents and medical personnel.”. “The ministry will take the lead role to support anti-doping activities. We look forward to working together to achieve clean and fair sports”, said the Vice Minister.