Minister YU and Vice Minister Jang supported Korean Archery Team ahead of Paris Olympics

Date Jul 04, 2024


On July 3 (Wed), YU In Chon, the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Vice Minister, JANG Mi Ran, visited the Jincheon National Training Center  and watched the 2nd Archery Special Match in preparation for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 (Paris Olympics) and provided a special letters to athletes for cheering athletes.


Cheered and Supported Archery National Team, and inspected conditions in preparation of the hot weather in Paris


As the weather in Paris during the Olympic Games is expected to go over 40 degrees Celsius, minister YU and vice minister Jang took extra attention for athletes who will perform in Paris Olympics. The minister put on cooling vest and sat on cooling cushion and said “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will provide customized support to our athletes so that they can show best performance during the Games despite the weather condition.”


After meeting with athletes, the two officials watched the second round of special match played by Korean national archery team and supported their good performance in Olympics Games. After the match, minister YU also provided hand-written letter to each athletes to wholeheartedly support and cheer for their efforts.


Minister YU stated “Some people have concerns over the result of Korean archery team in Paris Olympics, but as I came here myself and seeing the special match, I can confidently say that Koreans can expect good results in the upcoming Games.”

Vice Minister Jang also stated, “The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will organize and operate preparation team with relevant organizations in preparation of the Paris Olympics, and will take special care for the athletes participating in the Games. As I was athlete myself in the past, I will take each and every necessary part to support athletes.”