MCST to Celebrate King Sejong’s Birthday with Korean Language Events across the Country in May

Date May 10, 2024


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister YU In Chon, MCST) will hold various Korean language–themed events throughout the country this May in collaboration with the National Institute of the Korean Language (NIKL), Korean Language and Culture Centers, and “Woorimal Gakkumi (Korean Language Keepers)” to celebrate King Sejong’s birthday (May 15).


The NIKL signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Naver Corporation to implement the “Korean Language Playbook - A Foreign Language Change Challenge!” from May 13 (Mon) to 26 (Sun) on the Naver website, the NIKL website, and YouTube. In this campaign, to provide an opportunity to feel the importance and beauty of the Korean language, the Ministry will receive submissions of short videos depicting activities to replace foreign words used in daily lives with Korean words and select the best works to receive prizes.


Various commemorative events to be held in collaboration with Korean language and culture centers, universities, and local governments across the country


The Korean Language and Culture Centers across the country will also organize various commemorative events in collaboration with universities and local governments. The Korean Language and Culture Centers at Kangwon National University, Mokpo National University, Yeungnam University, Inha University, and Chonnam National University are set to offer activity programs and events, including hangul (Korean writing system) quizzes, hangul lectures, speech contests, and Korean language competitions on campuses.


Hannam University’s Korean Language and Culture Center plans to collaborate with the local government to provide Korean language education to children at local children’s centers. Meanwhile, Korea University’s Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture will hold a ceremony for hangul, along with performances, exhibitions, activities, and special debates, which will be conducted at different locations, including Sejong City’s Hangeul Love Street. Jeonju University’s Korean Language and Culture Center will host a digital photo / poetry contest titled “Beautiful Sceneries of Jeonbuk State,” where contestants will express the region’s beauty.


Hanyang University’s Korean Language and Culture Center will organize a contest called “King Sejong in My Neighborhood” to honor people who contributed to the use of the Korean language and hangul online, and the Hangul Cultural Solidarity will open a Korean language quiz event on social media.


University students from 13 regions across the country to serve as “Wurimal Gakkumi (Korean Language Keepers),” carrying out activities to cherish and further develop the Korean language


Around 470 Wurimal Gakkumi (Korean Language Keepers), comprised of university students in 13 regions nationwide, will also engage in activities to commemorate King Sejong and the Korean writing system. To celebrate King Sejong’s birthday, university campuses and local libraries will plan and carry out several hands-on activity programs, such as quizzes, campaigns, contests, and programs to refine the Korean language and make teaching aids.


In addition to “King Sejong’s Birthday” celebrations, the Korean Language Keepers are also promoting activities to voluntarily discover language issues in each region and improve language culture in cooperation with Korean Language and Culture Centers across the country. For example, they will improve menu boards written in foreign words, which have been rapidly increasing in recent years. They will collect examples of menus written in foreign words that are difficult to understand for Koreans, request improvements, and share best practices.


LEE Hae don, Director-General of Cultural Policy Breau at the MCST, said, “King Sejong is a teacher of the entire Korean nation whose great achievements include the creation of hangul. The MCST will continue to spare no effort in supporting activities to honor King Sejong in different public and private institutions nationwide.”