ROK-UAE Cultural Exchange to Continue despite the COVID-19 Crisis

Date Nov 19, 2020

 - “Contactless” cultural events held, including a performance and an
exhibition that introduced each other’s culture and art on Nov. 18 -



The ROK Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (hereinafter MCST;
Park Yang-woo, Minister) and the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth
(MCY; Noura Al Kaabi, Minister) held “contactless” cultural events on
Wednesday, November 18 in celebration of the 2020-2021 Years of
ROK-UAE Cultural Dialogue. The events include an online performance
by "Ak Dan Gwang Chil” (ADG7) and a VR exhibition of Islamic art.
“Years of Cultural Dialogue” – contributing greatly to mutual
understanding of the two nations’ cultures
The ministers of the MCST and the MCY met for a special meeting
during the UNESCO Forum of Ministers of Culture held in November
2019 and agreed to designate 2020 as the Year of Cultural Dialogue to
further cultural cooperation on occasion of the 40th anniversary of
diplomatic relations between the ROK and the UAE. They concluded an
MOU to that effect in Seoul in December the same year. Upon the
invitation of Minister Al Kaabi, Minister Park visited Abu Dhabi this
past January for the presentation of main plans* and a commemorative
symbol and slogan** for the year. Each of the two ministers published
a special contribution on expectations for cultural exchange to their
respective media.


“Five Senses,” familiar to local residents, performed on traditional
Korean musical instruments. The performance video was recorded over
three days at Saseongam, an old temple in Gurye-gun County,
Jeollanam-do Province this past October to capture the beautiful
autumn scenery of Korea.
The UAE’s MCY to introduce Islamic art to Korean audiences through a
VR exhibition
For its part, the UAE’s MCY will present “Al Burda Endowment: VR
Exhibition of Islamic Art” to Korean audiences from November 18
(Wed.), 2020 to December 31 (Fri.), 2021 through online channels,*
including the MCST’s SNS channel ( This
online exhibition features ten Islamic artworks created by artists
receiving funding from the endowment.
* KOFICE’s comprehensive information system, “K-Culture Road”
(, KOFICE website (, and more
The two ministries intend to continue cultural exchanges in a way that
lives up to the slogan of the Year of Cultural Dialogue through such
avenues as a K-pop festival and Expo 2020 Dubai.
Lee Jin-sik, head of the MCST’s Culture Policy Bureau said, “The
bilateral cultural exchange should continue in various ways despite the
pandemic. We will further endeavor for the two nations to become one
and build a greater friendship through the Years of Cultural Dialogue,
which will continue into next year.”