Enjoy Suwon’s Unique Culture with Local 100

Date Feb 07, 2024

- On Feb 7, Minister YU In Chon visits Suwon, “Local 100” site with, Italian chef Fabrizio Ferrari and Korea Tourism Organization Global SNS Reporters

- Starting from Suwon, a series of “K- Region Name” will be released to attract travelers visiting Korea


Minister YU In Chon of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) is set to visit the site of the third part of the “Local 100” campaign titled “Enjoying K-Suwon with Local 100” on February 7 (Wed). Made in collaboration with Fabrizio Ferrari (Chef Fabri), the Rwandan broadcaster living in Suwon “Moses,” Suwon-born foreign media specialist PARK Se Jung, and Global SNS Reporters[1] from the Korea Tourism Organization, this event involves about 30 individuals.


Since December last year, Minister YU has personally visited Local 100 sites monthly such as “Local 100 Train Trip - Miryang” and “Local 100, Walk Around Gangneung” in last January to promote regional visits by both domestic and international tourists. The February visit to Suwon, organized in collaboration with Suwon City and the Regional Culture Promotion Agency, marks the launch of the Suwon trial product, which connects the “Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival” and “Fortress Hwaseong, Modern Haenggung Palace” experiences. This initiative is part of the MCST’s broader plan to introduce “K-[Region Name], Enjoy with Local 100” in partnership with local governments and cultural promotion agencies, starting with Suwon.


Local Culture Experience Featuring Suwon Hwaseong and Haenggung Palace


The “Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival” in Suwon’s Local 100 is a traditional reenactment and historical cultural festival involving the citizens of Suwon, centered around Suwon Hwaseong and embodying King Jeongjo’s philosophy of loving his people. Furthermore, “Latest Fortress Hwaseong, Modern Haenggung Palace” is a tourism brand developed by the Suwon Cultural Foundation, themed around Suwon’s iconic “Suwon Hwaseong” and the “Haenggung Palace District.” This festival visually represents the traditional beauty of Suwon Hwaseong and the experiential culture of the city, including wall paintings and food culture in the Haenggung Palace District’s Gongbang (artisan) street. Meanwhile, in the Suwon episode, foreigners are introduced to various experiences in Suwon Hwaseong, Haenggung Palace, and the Suwon Cultural Tourism Special Zone.


Italian Chef Fabri, who loves Korean dish,  Experiences Traditional Korean Cuisine at Motgol Market

Minister YU to Appear on “Visible Radio,” Hosted by Merchant DJs, for the First Time in 15 Years to Promote Local 100


 The Suwon episode of “Enjoying K-Suwon Local 100” begins at Motgol Market, located within the Suwon Hwaseong Tourism Special Zone. Minister YU, along with Italian Chef Fabrizio Ferrari, known as Chef Fabri, who appeared on tvN’s “The Genius Paik Season 2,” will visit the market, as they plan to introduce the charm of traditional Korean cuisine available at traditional Korean markets.


Also, Minister YU will visit the radio station from 11:30am and appear on live “Visible Radio”, hosted by Merchants DJ to promote Local 100 and discuss ways to revitalize traditional markets in relation to the promotion of Local 100. This is, in particular, special in that it has been 15 years since Minister YU last appeared live on the “Visible Radio” show, where Suwon was selected as the pilot project city to revitalize traditional market through culture. “Motgol On Air,” a radio program run by market merchants, has expanded to “Visible Radio,” broadcasting across nine traditional markets within the Suwon Cultural Tourism Special Zone.


Experience Royal Procession with XR Bus 1795 for the Journey to King Jeongjo’s Eulmyowon


Suwon Hwaseong’s historical narrative and cultural heritage value can still be enjoyed in 2024 through smart tourism technologies. As part of the MCST’s Smart Tourism City Project (2021–2024), Suwon City offers the smart tourism platform “Touch Suwon,” providing information, reservation, and payment services for major tourist spots in Suwon. The Suwon episode includes an Extended Reality (XR) Bus to the year of 1795 experience, offering multilingual services (English, Japanese, and Chinese). Equipped with transparent displays, the bus will utilize augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to recreate King Jeongjo’s royal procession. This innovative approach allows visitors to explore Suwon Hwaseong in a unique and immersive way.


Gathering Feedback on K-Suwon Local 100 Experience from all Participants


Minister YU has always been emphasizing the importance of on-site experiences. After experiencing the Suwon episode, Minister YU plans to gather impressions from Chef Fabri, broadcaster Moses, and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)’s Global SNS Reporters about the experience of “Enjoying K-Suwon with Local 100” at the Suwon Museum of Art and reflect the feedback into policy.


Minister YU stated, “2024 is the year to Visit Korea Campaign. Our unique local culture is the driving force that encourages foreigners to explore our region. The “Enjoying K-Suwon Local 100” campaign is designed to make “Suwon, Korea,” a destination beyond simply visiting the country. Starting with the Suwon episode, we will actively promote our attractive local culture to foreigners through Local 100.”

[1] The KTO operates “Global SNS Reporters” to introduce Korean tourism to foreigners residing in Korea in each market (Greater China, Japan, Europe and America, and Asia and the Middle East), and in the Suwon Campaign, foreigners from five countries, such as Japan, China, Brazil, and France, as well as India, participated.