Enjoy “Gangwon 2024” and Discover Gangneung’s “Local 100”

Date Jan 29, 2024

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, Minister YU In Chon), along with the Organizing Committee for the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 (Gangwon 2024, Chairpersons JIN Jong Oh and LEE Sang Hwa), the promotional ambassador “CLASS:y,” and around 50 applicants for “Local 100,” will visit the site of the “Local 100, Walk Around Gangneung,” second episode of the “Local Journey” campaign on January 26 (Fri) and January 27 (Sat). In particular, Minister YU will promote the campaign by connecting “Gangwon 2024” and “Local 100.”[1]


In October last year, MCST selected local cultural attractions, content, and notable figures as “Local 100” to discover and promote the unique cultural charms of local culture. MCST has also been conducting the “Local Journey” campaign in cooperation with local governments, private companies, and public institutions to expand domestic and international visits to local areas. Minister YU, the first participant in “Local Journey” in December, visited the site through the “Local 100 Train Trip - Miryang,” experiencing local culture featuring “Miryang Arirang” and promoting the cultural charm of Miryang.


The second part of the “Local Journey” campaign, “Local 100, Walk Around Gangneung,” is a tour that inspires the approximately 30 million national “mountain and forest path experience population” to extend their stay in the region rather than just walking the famous mountains and Korea Trails nationwide. MCST collaborated with Gangneung City (Mayor KIM Hong Kyu), the Regional Culture & Development Agency, and Kakao VX to bring this endeavor to fruition.[2]


Local 100, Walk Around Gangneung” Kicks Off with Encouragement for Gangwon 2024” Volunteers and Attendance on January 26


Minister YU started the day on January 26 (Fri) by cheering for the volunteers at the “Gangwon 2024” venue. Despite the cold weather, the volunteers are working hard for the success of the event. Minister YU conveyed his gratitude to the volunteers who are taking on challenging tasks and leading by example. Notably, he gave health supplements and flower bouquets as gifts to elderly volunteers celebrating their birthdays, urging them to take good care of their health.


At 11:00 a.m., he joined the participants of the “Local 100, Walk Around Gangneung” event at the Gangneung Speed Skating Stadium to cheer for our athletes, including HEO Seok, SHIN Seon Woong, JUNG Hee Dan, and LIM Ri Won, who competed in the “Speed Skating – Men’s and Women’s Mass Start” game.


Experiencing Special Gangneung Local Culture, Walking Tours, and Food from January 26–27


Following the “Gangwon 2024” sports events, the real “Local 100, Walk Around Gangneung” begins. Until January 27 (Sat), Minister YU will visit Gangneung’s “Local 100,” encompassing highlights such as the “Gangneung Coffee Festival,” “Shinami Myeongju Alley in Gangneung,” “Gangneung Danoje Festival,” and “Bau-gil and Haeparang-gil” of the “Korea Trails.” This immersive journey allows him to experience Gangneung’s local culture, sports, walking tours, and food.


The Gangneung episode is a pilot project of the “Local 100, Walking Around (Regional Name).” The Regional Culture & Development Agency, in cooperation with Kakao VX and local governments operating “Local 100,” plans to introduce official products tailored to each region to domestic and foreign walking tourists.


Minister YU said, “Gangneung is a vibrant place where the ‘Gangneung Danoje Festival’ takes place, celebrated for a thousand years to wish for happiness. It is also a haven for coffee enthusiasts with over 900 cafés, more than 2,000 baristas, Anmok Coffee Street, and large coffee factories. There is also “Shinami Myeongju Alley” where you can experience both the past “Myeongju-dong” and the present “Gangneung” (“sinami” in the Gangneung dialect).” He added, “People visit places for various reasons such as mountain climbing, sports events, and travel. We aim to transform these visits from mere pass-throughs to meaningful experiences integrating with ‘Local 100,’ making a cultural destination where individuals want to visit, stay, and even live in the region.”


MCST plans to continue promoting “Local 100,” rooted in local cultural resources such as culture, art, history, tourism, and lifestyle. This promotion aims to foster domestic and international interest in regional visits through a close and relatable approach.

[1] Recruitment was conducted on MCST’s official Instagram and hiking and travel-related applications “Tranggle” and “Pairplay.”

[2] (Source) Korea Forest Service “2022 National Survey on Forest Trail Experience such as Mountain Climbing”