K-Art Expands Bilateral Relations between Korea and Indonesia

Date Nov 16, 2023

From November 18 to 26, Korean Culture Week will be held in Indonesia to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries

The event features a variety of exhibitions and performances showcasing the dynamic life and values of Korea’s future generations

The ASEAN-Korea Innovative Culture Forum in Jakarta on Nov 15 and 16


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister YU In Chon, MCST) is set to host Korean Culture Week to promote the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Indonesia in Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia, from November 18 (Sat) to 26 (Sun), in collaboration with the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (President JUNG Kil Hwa, KOFICE) and the Korean Cultural Center Indonesia (Director KIM Yong Woon, KCCI). Through cultural and artistic events, such as exhibitions and performances featuring young Korean artists, the event aims to promote the allure of K-Art.


Since establishing diplomatic relations with Indonesia in 1973, South Korea has continuously developed friendly cultural ties with various milestones, such as the Cultural Agreement (2007), the opening of the Korean Cultural Center in Indonesia (2011), and the establishment of a Special Strategic Partnership (2017). During the bilateral summit held earlier this year on September 8, both countries agreed to enhance forward-looking cooperation in various fields, including economy, society, and culture, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations. To commemorate the diplomatic milestone, diverse cultural exchange events have taken place, including a joint ceramics exhibition (August 28 to September 9), K-pop performances (September 20), and a traditional cultural festival (September 1 to 13). Through these initiatives, both nations are strengthening their friendship and laying the foundation for future generational exchanges.


WESS, the Korean cultural and arts planning organization based in Seoul, is hosting a diverse art exhibition featuring works that capture the life and values of future generations


During this Korean Culture Week, the Korean cultural and arts planning organization WESS[1] is collaborating with Indonesia’s representative cultural and arts institution, the Komunitas Salihara Arts Center.[2] Together, they will explore the significance of the diplomatic relations between the two countries and present an exhibition that introduces the allure of K-Art, serving as a new driving force for Hallyu in Indonesia. The exhibition will run from November 18 to 26.


The exhibition will showcase a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, and more, capturing the various spaces and aspects of Seoul, as well as the lives and values of future generations. Young artists with unique perspectives, including KIM Min Hee, who reconstructs images of popular culture like Korean animation and games, and CHA Jae Min, who observes people and objects around key representative spaces in Seoul, will present their innovative works. Through these artworks, the exhibition aims to introduce Korean culture to art enthusiasts in Indonesia, highlighting the creative perspectives of young artists. It also seeks to create a moment of mutual understanding and empathy between the contemporary youth of both countries.


On November 26 (Sun), in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, a variety of cultural events will unfold. These include a performance that combines visual arts and music, a joint music workshop involving artists from both countries, and spontaneous music performances. These events aim to introduce K-Art even in regions where exposure to Korean culture has been limited, providing an opportunity for the local community to experience and appreciate Korean artistic expressions.


 ASEAN-Korea Innovative Culture Forum discusses ways to develop culture and the arts in the era of artificial intelligence

Additionally, the ASEAN-Korea Innovative Culture Forum, presenting discussions on the co-development of cultural arts and industries between Korea and ASEAN, is scheduled to take place on November 15 (Wed) and 16 (Thur) in Jakarta. Since 2020, the forum has been actively exploring strategies to address key issues in the cultural arts field between Korea and ASEAN, supporting sustainable exchanges among cultural artists from both regions.


This year, culture and arts experts from Korea and ASEAN countries, including Indonesia and Vietnam, will discuss the future development of cultural arts under the theme of “Perseverance: Creativity Over The Border.” The discussions will revolve around six main topics, including boundaries, artificial intelligence, and copyright. As part of the accompanying events, various art exhibitions that emphasize solidarity and collaboration in the visual arts field between Korea and ASEAN will be held until November 26. Detailed information about the event can be found on the “ASEAN-Korea Partnership Project for Innovative Culture” website at www.pichub.or.kr.


The MCST Culture Policy Director-General stated, “As special strategic partners, Korea and Indonesia have been collaborating in various fields, such as economics and culture. Through diverse cultural exchange events commemorating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, we hope to strengthen the friendship between the two countries as future-oriented partners. We also aspire that this occasion will contribute to the development of K-Art as a new facet of Hallyu content in Indonesia.”


[1] WESS: A nonprofit art organization run by 11 visual arts planners based in Seoul, it works in conjunction with domestic and international art museums, biennales, and art fairs

[2] Komunitas Salihara Arts Center: Founded in 2008, Indonesia’s first private art center hosts and operates various performances, exhibitions, and cultural festivals