Online K-lifestyle Playground Created with Hallyu Fans Around the World

Date Nov 19, 2020

-  Global Hallyu mega event “MOKKOJI KOREA” will be held online through January 26, 2021.

- Three guests of honor for weekly special programs: Kazakhstan, Myanmar and the Philippines 



The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, Minister Park Yang-woo) and the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE, President Kim Yong-rak) are hosting the "2020 MOKKOJI KOREA" event online to promote K-lifestyle around the world from October 20 (Tue.) to January 26 (Tue.), 2021.

 *MOKKOJI is a pure Korean word that describes "a gathering for a party and fun."


Interactive online platform where fans communicate with Hallyu stars and experience K-lifestyle firsthand


MOKKOJI KOREA ( is an online Hallyu cultural space where people can gain information about K-lifestyle and related consumer goods that are currently popular in Korea through videos and other content. They can also experience events firsthand in real time.


In MOKKOJI KOREA, popular K-pop singers choose a different topic every week to enjoy K-food, K-beauty, K-health, K-play and K-delivery culture while maintaining two-way communication with Hallyu aficionados around the world through real-time online comments. Golden Child will kick off MOKKOJI LIVE on October 20. A total of 15 groups, including AB6IX, LOVELYZ, SEVEN O'CLOCK, TEEN TOP, APRIL, DONGKIZ and MCND, will participate one after another until the end of January, sharing the latest lifestyle trends in Korea with global fans.


In addition, the event will provide opportunities for Hallyu fans to play a leading role as producers of Hallyu content, not just consumers. Hallyu enthusiasts can participate in a campaign to imitate K-pop singers’ dance moves, exchange opinions directly by posting comments and build content related to their favorite subjects in the new online encyclopedia K-lifestyle Wiki. MOKKOJI KOREA also plans to introduce “K-lifestyle Webzine” to cover Korea from many angles.


Special weekly programs targeting three guests of honor: Kazakhstan, Myanmar and the Philippines


Originally, Kazakhstan, Myanmar and the Philippines were chosen as venues for live MOKKOJI festivals. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, however, overseas events had to be cancelled to prevent the virus from spreading. These “3 Focus-Countries” were selected based on their burgeoning interest in Hallyu and their importance to Korea’s New Southern Policy or New Northern Policy regions. Event organizers are providing specialized content targeted to each guest of honor. From November this year to January next year, MOKKOJI KOREA will designate the first week of every month as a guest country week with singers and celebrities from Korea and that country introducing one another’s culture. K-pop singers will invite local Hallyu fans to an “Online Live Fan Meeting” to chat with them in real time. During the respective guest of honor weeks, relevant information will be offered in the native language.


Moreover, to further spread new Hallyu by linking related industries, MOKKOJI KOREA is planning promotional events for Brand K and other Korean goods available in the 3 Focus-Countries. Information about the manufacturers will be provided in online exhibitions and by local YouTube creators shopping as avatars.


“We will provide Hallyu fans around the world an opportunity to increase their interest not only in K-pop but also in popular K-lifestyles this year through our first MOKKOJI KOREA,” said an MCST official overseeing the project. He also said, “We hope this ‘online cultural space’ created with people around the world will lead to more interactive exchanges that help us understand one another’s culture through Hallyu.”


Information about MOKKOJI KOREA’s main events and schedules can be found below or on the English-language website for Hallyu fans around the world.