Shopping and Tourism Festival with K-Culture marking the Year of Visit Korea

Date Jan 12, 2023

- 2023 Korea Grand Sale runs from Jan 12 to Feb 28  -

- Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism visited Myongdong Welcome Center on Jan 12 -


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) together with the Visit Korea Committee holds the 2023 Korea Grand Sale from January 12 (Thur) to February 28 (Tue). The Korea Grand Sale was held in 2011 for the first time with voluntary participation of various private companies in the fields of travel, accommodation, shopping, and entertainment to promote foreign tourists visiting Korea and increase tourism income during the off-season.

During the 2023 New Year Briefing, Minister PARK said that this year will serve as a milestone for Korea becoming a grand tourist destination. With the phrase of Visit Korea, the home of K-Culture, Korea aims to become one of the top tourist destinations that foreign visitors want to visit. As part of the new plan, the minister visited the site of shopping and tourism place.

Minister PARK visited Myongdong Welcome Center on January 12, which is the place where many foreigners come and visit. During the visit, PARK will also meet with the related staff working on site and inspect the nearby area, emphasizing safety circumstances.

In this event, various leading shopping tourism brands and companies participate to organize special promotions, including shopping, experiencing culture, food and beverage, and Korean culture (k-culture).

The airline promotion, in which all nine domestic airlines (including Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and Jeju Air), offers up to 94% discounts and additional service benefits on about 110 routes from overseas to Korea. In the accommodation, Lotte Hotels & Resorts, Sofitel Ambassador, and Agoda provides room discounts and exclusive benefits for the Korea Grand Sale.

In addition, Korea Grand Sale benefits are provided throughout the trip to Korea, including food and beverage promotions at around 300 restaurants and cafes nationwide, as well as preferential currency exchange in connection with banks and eSIM discounts. Furthermore, there will be planned tourism products for visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, where travelers from these countries will be able to learn K-Pop dance and enjoy winter sports. Offline shopping benefits will also be provided with promotion events. For more information about Korea Grand Sale, please visit the official website (


Various Events to experience K-Culture


Korean culture (K-culture) experience events will be held to welcome foreign tourists. Programs prepared are the ones that can only be experienced in Korea, including watching K-pop performances, tours of K-Cultural sites, making Korean food, and traditional Korean winter refreshments, which will be able to be enjoyed by Social Networking Services channels.

During the event, welcome centers will be operating in Myongdong and Gangnam, the main tourist destinations for foreigners, to provide events for foreigners visiting Korea and to experience Korean cultures, obtain tourism information and, language services.