Voices of Young Generations to Be Actively Reflected to Reinforce Korea’s Cultural Allure

Date Dec 13, 2022

The more extensive participation of the younger generations in their 20s and 30s in establishing policies aimed at building a nation with dynamic cultural charm is being facilitated through the launch of the MCST 2030 Advisory Panel. The Panel, consisting of 21 members, will begin on its mission in earnest with the launching ceremony held at The Theater Pan of the National Theater Company of Korea on December 5 and attended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism PARK Bo Gyoon. The members of the Panel will deliver the needs of the front lines of the industries they are involved in and propose new policies and improvement points for existing projects from young perspectives.


Young Artists Who Have Continued to Overcome Challenges to Achieve Their Dreams


The members of the Panel have been openly recruited and selected through stringent expert deliberations among young professionals no older than 39 and engaging in the industries within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (culture and arts, content, tourism, sports, etc.). In particular, they are characterized by their diversity of experiences and backgrounds.

First, young artists who have bravely taken on new challenges and marched forward toward their dreams were selected. They include KIM Ji-eun (stage name EUN Ga-eun), who is rising to fame through a reality TV competition show after years as an unknown pop singer; HWANG Ho-jeong, who is making his name as an operatic pop singer in Korea and beyond; BAEK Hyeon-ho, who is an inheritor of Hongboga (traditional performance piece of the pansori genre that is designated as National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 5) and member of the Gugak a cappella group Toris; KIM Yun-hu, who has acted in a series of plays and musicals; and LIM Da-yeon, who is a former member of Korea’s national swimming team and now teaches students as a professor. Based on their rich experiences in the fields they are involved in, these artists will offer helpful, practical advice on policies for young artists and athletes striving to reach their goals.


Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Shaping a Brighter Future through Creative Thinking


Young entrepreneurs engaging in cultural content development also joined in the Panel. They include CHOI Jo-eun, CEO of Jakga Company that produces web content such as webtoons and web novels; HEO Gyu-beom, CEO and cofounder of 21 Studio that develops original copyrighted stories and invests in content; and KIM Yeong-min, CEO of popular music and entertainment company Big Tent A&M. They are expected to help craft policies to efficiently support companies (regulatory reform, etc.) in the cultural content market and thereby further promote the Korean Wave.


Young Innovators Who Are Building a Better World by Tearing Down Barriers of Discrimination and Bias


The members of the Panel include those who have remained dedicated to helping persons with disabilities enjoy culture beyond their limitations. They are SIN Hyeon-oh, CEO of Moving Trip who overcame his physical obstacles and founded Korea’s first travel agency specializing in programs that offer activities for both disabled and non-disabled persons; YU Seul-gi (Yusonsaeng), a YouTube creator who teaches sign language as a CODA (child of deaf adults); and KIM Won-jin, CEO of Bichuda, a company that plans and organizes interactive exhibitions for the vision-impaired. They are anticipated to provide insights into ways to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities to explore culture.


Youth Instilling Vitality into Local Communities through Culture


In addition, arts and culture-related content planners, founders of new tourism startups, and social entrepreneurs in non-metropolitan regions also participated in the Panel. They are expected to bring valuable ideas and opinions for the creation of cultural policies that ensure the balanced development of different regions.


The Panel will roll out policy improvement plans through advisory meetings and discussions (forums) in the three divisions of culture and arts, content, and tourism and sport for the next two years. The Panel will function as a “youth auditor group” and a communication channel for developing and enhancing diverse policies, including policies for youth, from young perspectives.