Hanbok Culture Week 2022: Various events held at HiKR Ground and in 36 cities and 17 countries until Oct 23

Date Oct 19, 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST), in collaboration with the Korea Craft and Design Foundation (President KIM Tae Hoon, KCDF), will host Hanbok Culture Week 2022 until October 23 (Sun), which started on October 17 (Mon). The Hanbok Week stages a variety of cultural events in 36 cities and 17 countries, including at HiKR Ground, a Korean tourism promotion center located next to Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul. Marking its 5th anniversary this year, Hanbok Culture Week is an annual festival celebrated in the third week of October that presents different programs such as exhibitions, try-on activities, and fashion shows, all aimed at promoting Hanbok culture in everyday life.


Exhibition of children’s Hanbok and the Hanbok featured in the Netflix drama Kingdom and try-on events such as “wearing hanbok and shooting K-pop content”


HiKR Ground, this year’s main venue, will showcase children’s Hanbok, traditional Korean clothing drawings, illustrations, and Hanbok figures as well as operate various try-on events. The Hanbok exhibition includes 18 children’s hanbok dresses and suits made by KIM In Ja, a hanbok master artisan, and KIM Min Jeong, CEO of House of Lynn, and 16 traditional children’s clothing pictures drawn by KWON Oh Chang in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Children’s Day. In addition, 16 historical research clothing illustrations of the Goryeo dynasty drawn by Professor CHOI Jeong of Wonkwang University, hanbok figures produced by leading figurine artist Coolrain LEE, and the Hanbok that appeared in the Netflix drama Kingdom will be displayed.


In the K-Pop Lounge on the 2nd floor of the center, visitors will have a chance to try on Hanbok and shoot their own K-pop content. In the HiKR Lounge on the 5th floor, visitors with an advance reservation will be able to participate in activities to make bracelets and key rings with traditional Korean knots or color Hanbok figures. In addition, visitors can experience traditional games and tying the Korean topcoat or coat strings at any time, with a special souvenir gift for those who collect all of the stamps at the event hall. On the opening day of October 17 (Mon), singer SONG Ga In, the 2022 Honorary Hanbok Ambassador, introduced the festival of Hanbok Culture Week and deliver a congratulatory message via livestream on the Hanbok Advancement Center’s YouTube channel.


Official events on October 21, including the Awards for Hanbok Culture Promotion, fashion show, and congratulatory performance


An awards ceremony will be held to deliver certificates of commendation and appreciation to recognize individuals and organizations for their efforts to promote hanbok culture on the 4th floor of HiKR Ground on October 21 (Fri) at 5:30 PM. The Award of Merit for Hanbok Culture, an MCST Minister commendation, will be presented to Chair Professor CHO Hyo Sook of Gachon University in recognition of her research on traditional clothing at the university for over 30 years and efforts to nurture young talent. HWANG Seon Tae, CEO of Hanbok Moon, will be awarded the Hanbok Person of the Year in honor of his contributions to promoting Hanbok around the world through providing educational programs at overseas universities. The Emerging Individual for Hanbok will be given to HWANG Lee Sle, CEO of Leesle, for her Hanbok collection presented at Milan Fashion Week, which raised the interest of young people in Korea’s traditional clothing. Certificates of appreciation will also be awarded to 13 individuals who have strived to make Hanbok daily wear and taken the lead in promoting Hanbok abroad.[1] A fashion show and K-pop performance will be held to celebrate Hanbok Culture Week in the outdoor space on the 1st floor of HiKR Ground at 6:00 PM. Under the theme “Hanbok, the Flower That Never Withers,” the fashion show will feature Hanbok clothing in various colors, and four singers and groups, including Dynamic Duo, SOL, and HA:TFELT from leading Korean hip hop label Amoeba Culture, will present congratulatory performances from 6:30 PM.


Various Hanbok culture events held in 36 cities and 17 countries such as the US, Canada, and India


During this year’s Hanbok Culture Week, the eight local Korean governments of Busan; Asan in Chungnam Province; Gokseong in Jeonnam Province; Namwon, Iksan, and Jeonju in Jeonbuk Pronvince; Sangju in Gyeongbuk Province; and Miryang in Gyeongnam Province will operate a range of programs that combine Hanbok and local culture. Fashion shows and exhibitions will also be held in different overseas cities such as Seattle and Portland in the US, Vancouver in Canada, Ankara in Türkiye, and New Delhi in India to celebrate the week. Detailed information on individual event schedules is available on the official website (https://hanbokweek2022.com/).


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