Celebrate 100th Anniversary of Children’s Day and “2022 Children’s Literature Week”

Date May 04, 2022


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) will organize diverse events with seven other institutions, including Arts Council Korea, Bang Jung Hwan Research Institute to celebrate the “100th  Anniversary of Children's Day” from April 30 (Sat) to May 31 (Tue). The week which has the Children’s Day is named as “2022 Children's Literature Week” to celebrate and mark various events for children. 

   Through the “Children's Literature Week”, it is expected that children who will lead the future of our society can enjoy literature and form a consensus based on literature. Also, the Ministry will strive its efforts to found the solid environment for children’s literature as the representative type of literature in Korea.

Marking the centennial of Children’s Day, BANG Jung-hwan, a children’s rights activist and a pioneering children’s literature writer, established the Children’s Day in 1923. 

The “Children's Literature Week” begins with the eve of the opening ceremony  (April 30) and the opening ceremony (May 1), leading to “Children's Literature Stage” and “BANG Jung-hwan and the 100th Anniversary of a Korean Fairy Tale”. At the opening eve and opening ceremony, there are diverse artistic and cultural events, including the children's choir's.

In particular, prior to the opening ceremony, there will be a marching parade looking at the historical sites of Children's Day of the past 100 years and reflect on their meaning through events from the birthplace (Dang-ju dong) of the founder of the Children’s Day. In May, approximately 40 literature cultural centers and libraries across the country will run the “Children's Literature Stage”, which is decorated with convergence contents from literature and various arts fields such as children's literature book exhibitions, performances, and plays.

From May 5 (Thur) to 26 (Thur), the front yard of the Chondogyo Central Headquarters will provide a place to look around the history of Korean children's literature over the past 100 years. “Children,” a magazine founded by BANG Jung-hwan 1923, and 100 masterpieces of Korean children’s literature, will be selected and exhibited at “Bang Jeong-hwan and the 100th Anniversary of Korean Fairy Tales”.

In addition, there are other events lined up, including “Children's Comrade Bang Jug-hwan”, a wind music performance by the Korean Wind Orchestra held at the Imjingak Pyeonghwanuri Grand Hall on May 5 (Thur).