Middle and High Schools Wear Hanbok As School Uniforms

Date Apr 21, 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) together with the Ministry of Education (Minister YOO Eun-hae, MOE) recruit 12 additional middle and high schools from April 21 (Thu) to Jun 30 (Thur) to adopt Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) as a school uniform. Those schools intend to apply for the project of wearing Hanbok as a school uniform will be able to submit their application from June 7 (Tue) to June 30 (Thur) 5PM.


In 2019, MCST and MOE signed MOU on “School Hanbok” project, where students will be able to wear Hanbok in their daily lives to raise awareness on Korean traditional clothes. As a result, a total of 35 middle and high schools have applied Hanbok school uniform by last year with 5,930 students having opportunity to wear Hanbok at schools. This year, the government will select additional 12 schools to join the project.  


Schools that will introduce Hanbok school uniforms should apply after collecting opinions from students and parents in advance. The government will support holding a session for selected schools’ uniform selection committee, in which parents and teachers participate, on the introduction of Hanbok uniforms.


Hanbok school uniform designers and experts will explain on wearing Hanbok  as school uniform and provide opportunity where people can see the Hanbok uniform. For schools that finally introduce Hanbok uniforms, experts will help selected schools to improve the design as a customized Hanbok uniform.


A total of 81 types of Hanbok school uniform designs were used by 2020 and more than 50 types will be developed this year through a Hanbok design contest and new design development. The plan is to expand the range of choices for schools and students by introducing a total of 130 different designs that are both practical and contain Korean style, including summer / winter uniforms and everyday clothes. The previously developed Hanbok school uniform designs can be found in the Hanbok Advancement Center website (www.hanbokcenter.kr).


For more information about the application method and details, please visit the website of the Korea Craft & Design Foundation (www.kcdf.or.kr). The overall results will be announced in July after the screening process.