Sinan Named as the Place for Hosting the “2023 Month of Culture”

Date Apr 04, 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG HEE, MCST) selected Sinan county as the place for hosting events for “2023 Month of Culture”.

Under the theme of “Island – Treasure of the Korean Cultural Diversity”, Sinan county organized various events featuring special culture of the island and the life of residents and the ecosystem, where people can truly enjoy the cultural life of island. The county also prepared the environment, where people from and out of the island can be engaged in. The area re-interpreted sandai, island festival, and the county will organize various performances and exhibitions in islands in the county in October.

In particular, Purple Island in Sinan county has been named on the list of Best Tourism Villages by the World Tourism Organizations under the United Nations (UNWTO) in 2021.

Sinan county has more than one thousand islands, about a quarter of all islands in the county.

Since 2003, MCST has selected various cities and counties in the country to host commemorative cultural events across the country to raise public interest in regional culture in October. In 2021, Chungcheongnam province hosted various cultural events and Miryang city, Jindo county, and Jeongseon county together will organize cultural events this October.