The 2022 Korea Grand Sale opens on January 13

Date Jan 14, 2022

The 2022 Korea Grand Sale opens on January 13

Grand Sale opens for 47 days until Feb. 28 for safe Korean shopping experience


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) together with the Visit Korea Committee (Chairman YUN Youngho, VKC) will hold the “2022 Korea Grand Sale” for 47 days from January 13 to February 28. The Korea Grand Sale, started from 2011, is one of Korea’s best and largest shopping, culture and tourism festivals for international visitors that combine tourism with Hallyu (Korean wave).

On January 13th, performance celebrating the opening of the Grand Sale will be held via online. The K-Pop groups “Tomorrow X together” and “Lachica” from Street Woman Fighter will perform via the official youtube channel of the Visit Korea Committee ( at 5PM.

This Grand shopping event will offer people with the pleasure of shopping in Korea and a wealth of benefits in various fields such as airlines, accommodations, beauty, entertainment, food, beverages, and experiences.

Considering the pandemic, however, the 2022 Korea Grand Sale will be held online to attract tourists as a tourist destination for shopping and tourism, where visiting and traveling overseas are not available. In particular, the special theme for this year’s Grand Sale is “K-beauty”, which introduces Korean beauty, cosmetic products, and provide various benefits to consumers. Online visitors and shoppers will be able to meet various contents and promotions from diverse sectors in Korea through the online shopping platform.

Under the special theme of “K-beauty”, there will be special promotion sessions offering Korean cosmetics in a discounted price. Together with the famous e-commerce platforms, K-beauty cosmetics will be livestreamed in platforms with a discounted price and abundant benefits. Besides Korean cosmetics, visitors can also enjoy the tourists’ packages at a reasonable price.

 This event also provides virtual travelling with influencers from abroad. Dave, American living in Korea, will experience the Korea Grand Sale and share the video with viewers to all over the world on January 14th. A total of four video clips will be on via influencers’ SNS channel and the VKC SNS channel.

For more information on the event, please visit online website of the Korea Grand Sale ( Companies interested in applying and participating in this event can also visit the official website ( for more information.