MCST-WIPO presents the result of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR) survey on November 18

Date Nov 17, 2021

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (Director General Daren TANG, WIPO) will hold a presentation of the results of a survey titled "Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms for Business-to-Business (B2B) Digital Copyright- and Content-Related Disputes" on Thursday, November 18 at 9 PM.


    The presentation introduces actual dispute cases that have been resolved using ADR and recent development trends. This is the venue to share the main contents of the report published in August this year and promote domestic and international awareness of ADR mechanisms[1], including mediation and arbitration. This research provides basic data for seeking appropriate solutions in content and copyright-related disputes.


    Organized by MCST and WIPO, and conducted by researchers at Oxford University in the UK, this study drew results of analysis based on 997 surveys and 74 in-depth interviews targeted for a global audience across 129 countries. Since most respondents are from legal professionals at copyright, content companies, and law firms around the world, the results of this study are expected to serve as useful basic data for finding appropriate solutions in disputes over content, including games, music, and movies.


    Director of the Copyright Bureau KANG Seongwon said “In a situation where international disputes over Korean content are increasing due to the growing contactless and online consumption and the continued popularity of the Korean Wave, ADR mechanisms, which are faster and cheaper than litigation, will be particularly useful for solving digital content and copyright disputes.” The Ministry also plans to publish the Korean translated version next year considering the importance of this report, which can be practically used by content industries with short distribution cycles such as games, music, and movies.


     Meanwhile, MCST signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the WIPO Center in November 2018 and has run various trust fund projects so far, including promotion and support of the mediation system as well as developing an online dispute resolution application platform to encourage the use of ADR mechanisms.


    Anyone interested in ADR in the field of digital copyright, content industries, and the results of this study can attend the presentation with pre-registration (     Those wishing to join the program can register in advance and access the presentation by clicking the link included in the email received from 8:50 pm on Thursday, November 18. In addition, the WIPO website ( will provide the executive summary of the report in seven different languages[2], including Korean and English and the full report will be available to download in English. For the pre-registration, please visit the website stated above.[3]




[1] Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): ADR refers to mechanisms to resolve disputes through

 mediation, arbitration, etc., in lieu of the traditional court process. Compared to litigation, ADR can

 reduce financial and cost burdens and emotional conflicts between the parties.

[2] The WIPO website provides executive summary of the report in English, Korean, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

[3] For further inquiries, please contact Ji-Won Park, Fellow at WIPO Center(