Officially Launch Korea Grand Sale Online Platform on Oct. 7th

Date Oct 07, 2021

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) and the Visit Korea Committee (Chairman YUN Youngho, VKC) officially launched “Korea Grand Sale Online Platform (” on October 7th (Thu). This website is to help international tourists to enjoy shopping, culture and tourism festival in one spot virtually.


The Korea Grand Sale will serve as Korea’s best shopping, culture and tourism festival for international visitors that combine tourism and Hallyu. Online Platform is a global platform that provides pleasure for shopping in Korea and a wealth of benefits in various fields in airlines, accommodations, beauty, entertainment and other experiences.


The online platform has sub themes including theme hall, regional hall, special hall, and corporate hall like a year-round exposition, and also provides a calendar with the event on each date. The Online website will have six categories as follows:


♦ The Korea Grand Sale is a space hosting “Korea Grand Sale”, a shopping culture and tourism festival for foreigners. The festival is held every year in January and February in line with the opening ceremony video screening and program introduction.


♦ Calendar shows events and benefit at a glance. It provides monthly major public and private events that people can enjoy, and the benefits provided by companies in the platform are also updated monthly.


♦ Trend Korea is a “Theme Pavilion”, introducing trends in Korean shopping and tourism. Attractions and seasonal food are shown in the form of digital magazine, and related products are also provided.


♦ Featured Location is a “Regional Pavilion” that introduces local shopping culture and tourism. This category introduces regional tourist attractions and tourism products to attract tourists and visitors, providing information on major festivals and events nationwide.


♦ Special Benefit is a “Special Hall” that organizes special exhibitions. It is a space for special exhibitions where companies provide special benefits that can be only enjoyed on this platform only.


♦ Travel & Shopping is a “Business Pavilion” that collects and shows all the contents of companies engaged in this platform. There are sub-categories, including shopping, accommodation, food & beverage, experience, and other convenience.


The platform is provided in four languages: Korea, English, and Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), and Japanese. Visitors also can use via PC and mobile web pages. Companies wishing to participate in the Korean Grand Sale online platform can also take part via application page of the platform. For more information, please visit the Korea Grand Sale official website (