On Chuseok Holiday, Enjoy Korean Traditional Culture both On and Off line

Date Sep 17, 2021

     To celebrate the upcoming Chuseok holiday, a special exhibition where you can feel and purchase the fashion and charm of Hanbok, Korean Tradition apparel, is here for you to spend Chuseok holiday with abundant traditional cultural experiences, including making Songpyeon[1] and playing Tuho[2] in an expanded virtual world.


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) and the Korea Craft & Design Foundation (President KIM Taehoon, KCDF) organize a special exhibition to experience Korean traditional games and play (Tuho) and make Korean traditional food Songpyeon in the expanded virtual world (Metaverse) space Zepeto[3] on September 17th (Thu).


 To promote the exhibition, KCDF together with the virtual world Zepeto hosts event that provides currency (coins) to be used in the digital world from September 17th (Fri) to September 30th (Thu) for two weeks. Following the Chuseok holiday in September, events will be waiting for young people to enjoy the traditional culture in the digital world of Zepeto.


 In addition to the special Hanbok exhibition, there is annual Hanbok Culture Week held in October across the country under the theme of “Everyday as Hanbok, Hanbok as Every day,” to showcase the diverse and rich beauty of Hanbok traditional Korean garments. From September 18th (Sat) to September 26th (Sun), MCST and KCDF will hold a special exhibition of Hanbok to experience and enjoy at Starfield Hanam[4]. This exhibition is designed to meet the increased interest in Hanbok ahead of the Chuseok Holidays and to advance the consumption of the Korean traditional apparel.


 People can experience new kinds of pleasant atmosphere through various new experiences through abundant Hanbok-related programs such as fashion shows, exhibitions, experiences, and education in Korea. By combining cultural topics such as fashion, travel, film, and market, Hanbok Culture Week has quickly growing into a festival where one can directly experience Hanbok culture within their daily life.


 For Hanbok Culture Week, KCDF provides opportunities for local residents to consistently encounter Hanbok in daily life while providing support so that tourists visiting regional tourists’ spots can have novel experiences while enjoying Hanbok, such as creating Hanbok cultural streets, support for Hanbok-wearers, and youth entrepreneurships to facilitate culture of wearing the traditional clothes.


 In this special exhibition, all family members, including adults, children, and even pets can enjoy trying on Hanbok. In particular, Hanbok worn by the Korean national team during the Tokyo Paralympics Opening Ceremony, Hanbok that was shown in the Korean famous program called “Hangout With YOO” and in Korean drama called “Itawon Class” will also be displayed.


  In addition, a space will be created for families and children visiting the holidays to experience traditional games that have been interpreted in a modern way, such as free rental of traditional Hanbok, and coloring of Hanbok postcards.




[1] Songpyeon is a half-moon shaped rice cake Koreans eat during Chuseok Holiday. These little rice cakes are stuffed with sett fillings.

[2] In English it can be translated as Pitch-pot. It is a traditional East Asian game that requires players to throw arrows or sticks from a set distance into a large, sometimes ornate, canister.

[3] A mobile phone application operated by Naver Jet. It is an extended virtual world platform with 200 million subscribers worldwide.

[4] Starfield Hanam is a grand shopping mall that has shopping, leisure activities in one place. It is located at Hanam-si, Gyeonggi province.