International Typography Biennale: Typojanchi 2021

Date Sep 15, 2021

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) hosts and the Korea Craft & Design Foundation (President KIM Tae Hoon, KCDF) and the Organizing Committee of International Typography Biennale organize Typojanchi 2021 under the title of A Turtle and A Crane at Culture Station Seoul 284[1] from September 14th (Tuesday) to October 17th (Sunday).


 Marking the 7th anniversary in 2021, the exhibition initiated from the idea that letters were symbols of representing peoples’ long-lasting desire, hope, and trust. The theme of the exhibition is Typography and Life. The title of the exhibition this year was the popular quote in Korea some 4 decades ago, representing wish for longevity and immortal life of people.[2]


The four sub themes of the exhibition are Prayer and Desire, Record and Declaration, Revelation and Imagination, Presence and Persistence. This year’s exhibition will be displayed by 50 teams from diverse countries with four different sub themes, showing various illustrations and typographies. This exhibition connects the life of people with letters, extending to various symbols, living creatures, and pictures. This broad scope of the exhibition stretches out and includes illustration, modern art, art and craft, as well as photos.


In the Prayer and Desire theme, Korean graphic designer Hwa Young Lee and Japanese designer Kobayashi Ikki will attract visitors. In the Record and Declaration theme, there will be 48 books displayed, which paved a new way in design since 2015. Under the Presence and Persistence, Studio Spass, a studio established by Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens in 2008, will display their works approached by diverse perspectives. The name of the studio Spass means fun and interesting. Mi Joo Lee, who came back to her hometown Busan in 2016, will be displaying her works in the fourth section as well. All the designers and artists’ well-prepared works will give pleasant joy to visitors.


Mr. Jae-min Lee, the director of the exhibition, explained the objective that under the big theme of life, the exhibition focused very much on respecting the life of others. “We try to live a life not discriminating others, just because they are different. Rather we try to live together in harmony. Like our life living together in harmony, this exhibition also aims to tear down the boundary and add various interpretations” the director added.  


 To provide several programs and enriching experience, there will be also virtual displays and side programs. In particular, ‘Online Talk’ is a special program that runs from September 25th (Sat) to October 9th (Sat) at 2PM for two weeks. On Hangul Proclamation Day, there will be an interesting special talk on NAVER ‘Maruburi’ font, official font for the 2021 Typojanchi.


Those who want to enjoy the event, please visit between 10AM and 7PM. Every Mondays and Chuseok Holiday (Sept. 21st) are closed. Every last Wednesday of the month is a “Culture Day”, so the exhibition runs until 9PM, giving opportunities for those who were not able to visit and enjoy earlier. You can enjoy better after reserving via the Internet ( in advance.


 For more information on the exhibition of Typojanchi 2021, please visit the official website of Typojanchi ( and official SNS account (instagram@typojanchi).



[1] The venue restored old Seoul Station, which served as the main stage of Korean modern history in Korea and the gateway of traffic and exchange. After refurbishment, it re-opened in 2011, as a Cultural Complex.

[2] The turtle and crane each symbolize enduring power and longevity. The two creatures standing together present a healthy and long life of happiness.