Korea and the European Union Maintain Cultural Cooperation Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Date Dec 11, 2020

- Toward mutually shared policies, etc. through the 7th Korea-EU Committee Meeting on Cultural Cooperation held on Dec. 9th -



The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST, Minister Park Yang-woo) and the European Union (EU) are expected to hold the 7th Committee Meeting on


Cultural Cooperation (hereinafter “the Committee”) on Wednesday, December 9th, through a contact-free virtual platform.



The Committee is a consultation body launched according to the Protocol on Cultural Cooperation annexed to the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement, which entered into effect on December 13th, 2015. The objective is to facilitate exchanges in the realms of cultural activities, cultural goods and services as well as audio-visual works between Korea and the EU, featuring mutually beneficial characteristics. Since holding its first meeting in December 2013, Korea and the EU have been taking turns to host the Committee every year. This year’s Committee was scheduled to be held in Belgium, home to the EU headquarters, but was recast as a virtual conference in light of the current pandemic.


Discuss inter-city cultural cooperation, supporting the convergence between arts and technology, avenues for promotion of audio-visual co-production and the need for a joint study


Participants at this meeting will share cooperation experiences of cultural cities in Korea and the EU in the areas of knowledge sharing, and explore development paths involving cooperation by comparing programs to support arts and technology convergence pursued by each side. In addition, views will also be shared regarding human exchanges including young and talented architects, as well as on ways to co-produce audio-visual works such as cinematographic films and animation works. Participants will review the need for a joint study on the fields of culture and the arts while discussing plans for a pilot study to take concrete action.


Propose the promotion of contact-free cultural activities as well as joint programs, etc. to further enhance bilateral relations


In order to elevate bilateral cultural cooperation relations to a new level, MCTS is expected to propose practical cooperative programs such as the promotion of contact-free cultural activities as well as joint studies and programs.


The subsequent meeting will be held in Korea, with concrete schedules and agenda to be determined upon consultation between the two sides.