Tickets for Gangwon 2024 Now Available for Reservation

Date Nov 16, 2023

Reservation for event tickets begins on Nov 11

All competitions, excluding the opening ceremony in Gangneung and the closing ceremony, are free of charge

Minister YU joins the ticket reservation with the event character “Moongcho”


Minister YU In Chon of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism joined the reservation queue for tickets to the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics (Gangwon 2024). On November 14 (Tue), guided by the event character Moongcho, Minister YU signed up as a member on the reservation site ( and personally reserved tickets for the speed skating and luge events.


Ticket issuance for the Gangwon 2024 started on November 11 (Sat) at 11:11 a.m. Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies in Gangneung, as well as the events in Gangneung, Pyeongchang, Jeongseon, and Hoengseong (15 events in total), can be reserved through the reservation site. Tickets for the opening ceremony held in Gangneung are available for purchase in different grades (A seat: KRW 100,000, B seat: KRW 80,000, C seat: KRW 30,000), whereas tickets for other events and the closing ceremony are free but require reservation.


Minister YU mentioned, “You can reserve tickets for the games through a simple membership process. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to cheer for the performance of our youth athletes on-site.” He added, “Considering that all events, except for the Gangneung opening ceremony, are free, I hope many citizens seize this rare opportunity to visit Gangwon Province and support the Olympic Games in person.”


Gangwon 2024, organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is scheduled to take place in Gangwon State from January 19 to February 1, 2024. The event will feature over 3,000 participants, including 1,800 youth athletes aged 15 to 18 from around 80 countries.