Korean National Team Boosts Determination for “Hangzhou Asian Games 2022”

Date Sep 13, 2023

- “Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 Korean Team Inaugural Ceremony” held at Seoul Olympic Park on Sept 12

- President YOON: “We will cheer for the national athletes while running together with the people”


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) held the “Hangzhou Asian Games 2022 Korean Team Inaugural Ceremony” at the Olympic Hall of Seoul Olympic Park on September 12 (Tue) together with the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC).


About 1,000 people, including MCST Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, KSOC President LEE Kee Heung, regional sports association presidents, officials from individual sports organizations, coaches, and athletes, attended the inaugural ceremony to wish for the safety of the competition and the success of Team Korea.


President YOON Suk Yeol’s words of encouragement were read by the Minister. President YOON stated, “Our government is doing its best to incorporate the values of freedom and solidarity into all aspects of sports policy. We will cheer for the athletes while running together with the people.”


The “Hangzhou Asian Games 2022,” postponed for a year following the spread of COVID-19, will be held from September 23 (Sat) to October 8 (Sun). A total of 12,500 athletes from 45 countries—the largest in the history of the competition—will compete for 481 gold medals in 40 events. Korea will dispatch a team of over 1,140 athletes in 39 events.


 August 8: MCST and Other Related Ministries Discuss Measures to Support Participation in Sports Competitions and Local Athletes


The Ministry moves to support training to maximize athletes’ performance and ensure their safe participation in competitions. On August 8, a meeting was held with relevant ministries and organizations, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Unification, National Intelligence Service, and KSOC, to discuss measures for athletes’ participation in competitions and support for the teams on-site.


Minister PARK said, “Whenever South Korea faces difficult times, our citizens have always been happy and cheered as ‘Team Korea.’ We expect our athletes to bring hope and overwhelming excitement to our citizens, even at the Asian Games. In turn, the government will also do its best to support the athletes so that they can compete safely.”