Walk around Blue House’s Nokjiwon Garden in Hanbok

Date May 24, 2023

- “Hanbok Experience Event” at K-tourism landmark Blue House from May 24 to June 4

- Photo zone with Sangchunjae and Nokjiwon Garden in the background featured, and traditional hanbok showcased


All visitors to the Blue House, full of spring’s liveliness, are given the opportunity to make memories by wearing a beautiful hanbok. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) together with the Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) is holding a “Walk around Nokjiwon Garden in Hanbok” event from May 24 (Wed) to June 4 (Sun) at the Blue House.[1] This event was prepared to offer visitors an opportunity to experience the charm of hanbok at the Blue House, which has emerged as a new “K-tourism landmark,” provide another source of delight, and spread the hanbok culture in daily life.


 Hanbok Experience Event Held at the Entrance of Yeomin Hall 1, and Gift Provided upon Verification of Social Media Participation


The event is set to be held at the entrance of Yeomin Hall 1 in front of Nokjiwon Garden, and anyone who visits the Blue House can try on a hanbok after registering on-site. Visitors to the Blue House who have completed registration can take great pictures at the photo zone with the Sangchunjae and Nokjiwon Garden in the background. An online event is also prepared, and visitors who verify their participation by uploading photos of them wearing hanbok to social media can receive a small gift.


In addition, six pieces of traditional jeogori, including dapho, sagyusam, changui, and dangui, are also set to be featured to give visitors to the Blue House a chance to experience a variety of Korean hanbok more closely. This event will also be held during Hanbok Culture Week in October (third week).

[1] The Blue House is closed from May 28 to 30, so the event will be held from May 24 to 27 and May 31 to June 4