One Hundred Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Korea at a Glance

Date Dec 13, 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) together with the Korea Tourism Organization (President KIM Jang-sil, KTO) selected and announced the “2023-2024 Top 100 Korean Tourism Attractions” as Korea’s representative tourist attractions. “2023-2024 Top 100 Korea Tourism destinations”, marking its 6th anniversary this year, is a project that selects and promotes Korea’s tourist destinations every two years that Koreans and foreign tourists worth visiting. Among the tourists spots, 61 cultural tourism resources, including historical sites, buildings, amusement facilities, and 39 natural tourism resources such as forests, seas, and wetlands were selected for this year's 100 places to visit. By region, there were 24 locations in the metropolitan area, 10 locations in the Gangwon area, 13 locations in the Chungcheong area, 17 locations in the Jeolla area, 28 locations in the Gyeongsang area, and 6 locations in the Jeju area, showing an even distribution among regions.


The “2023-2024 Top 100 Korea Tourism destinations” include Seoul Forest, Yeojwacheon Stream in Changwon, and Samaksan Lake Cable Car as well as five most beautiful palaces in Seoul, Jeju Olle Trail, Jeonju Hanok Village, Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto. These destinations were selected 6 times in a row. The “2023-2024 Top 100 Korea Tourism destinations” was finally selected based on “2021-2022 Korea Tourism 100”, local government recommended tourist destinations, and 235 candidate sites discovered through analysis of big data.


The MCST and KTO plan to imprint Korea as a “Tourist Attractive Country” around the world by supporting diverse marketing programs for the “2023-2024 Korea Tourism 100”. In particular, some of the selected sites are implemented in the Korean tourism virtual world (Metaverse) platform “Travel Hunter-K” to support the young generation around the world to experience Korea’s natural and cultural resources in advance online.


As part of promoting the event, MCST will run PR pavilions in the “My country Travel Fair” and start pilot operation for the “2023-2024 Top 100 Korean Tourism Attractions”, while promotional videos will also be shown via various media. Also, the video will be broadcasted to show the charms of Korean tourism to domestic and foreign tourists.


In addition, maps of the “2023-2024 Top 100 Korean Tourism Attractions” will be placed at tourist information centers and transportation hubs (airports, KTX) nationwide so that domestic and foreign travelers can obtain information anytime and anywhere. From December 14, detailed information on the 100 selected destinations will be provided via the official website of   (