Hanbok Designed by KIM Yuna Showcased on London Runway

Date Sep 27, 2022

          Photos of KIM Yuna in Hanbok Published in French Fashion Magazine


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) will host Hanbok Wave, a Hanbok runway show, at the Korean Cultural Centre UK in London at 19:00 (local time) on September 27 jointly with the Korea Craft and Design Foundation (President KIM Tae Hoon, KCDF) and the Korean Cultural Centre UK (Director LEE Jeong-Woo, KCCUK). The runway show will showcase various Hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) items designed in collaboration with renowned figure skating star KIM Yuna.

Organized as an extension of the “project to develop Hallyu content in cooperation with the Hanbok sector,” the show will feature Hanbok reflecting the aesthetics and taste of KIM Yuna.

The aim of this project is to support the Hanbok industry in pioneering new sales channels overseas through cooperation with Hallyu celebrities. This year, KIM Yuna was invited to participate in the design and development of 60 Hanbok items led by ten Hanbok design houses (Geumuijae, Guiroe, Liv Damyeon, Morinori, C Zann E, LeeYoungAe, Happly, Haemi by Saimdang, Studio Hyeon, and Heyum Hanbok). KIM also poses for a photoshoot with a famous fashion magazine wearing the newly designed Hanbok.

This runway show, held with major press organizations and fashion industry leaders in attendance, is anticipated to highlight the grandeur and glamour of Hanbok among many other types of Korean cultural content. The video of the show will be posted on the exhibition website for “Hallyu! The Korean Wave” at the V&A Museum, the world’s largest decorative art museum located in the UK.

In addition, ten photos of KIM Yuna attired in Hanbok will be featured in Marie Claire, France’s renowned fashion magazine on September 27 (Tue). The photoshoot focused on highlighting the harmony between KIM Yuna’s captivating vibes and the unique beauty of Hanbok. The photos will also be posted on the Marie Claire website (www.marieclaire.fr). At the end of this year, the video of KIM Yuna’s Hanbok styles is scheduled to be played on a display in Times Square in New York City.

A policy officer at MCST said, “As evidenced by the addition of ‘Hanbok’ and ‘Hallyu’ on the Oxford English Dictionary, the global interest in our traditional clothing continues to rise. We expect that KIM Yuna’s participation in this project will further promote the elegant charms of Hanbok and serve as momentum in helping hanbok designers advance into the world.”