Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism 2021 Business Plan

Restoration of the quality of life through culture!
Korea, growing with culture!

Supporting the recovery of the cultural ecosystem
  • Support for overcoming COVID-19
  • Transition to the digital, contactless way of life
  • Strengthening artist welfare and rights
  • Enhancing innovation and fairness in sports
Expanding cultural enjoyment
  • Support for culture consumption
  • Restoration and dissemination of cultural values
  • Continuous expansion of culture and infrastructure
  • Promotion and balanced development of regional culture
Nurturing culture industry
  • Promoting a competitive content industry
  • Laying the groundwork for copyright protection
  • Support for the tourism industry resurgence
  • Cultivating the sports industry
Becoming a culture-centric nation
  • Continuous spread of the New Korean Wave
  • Increasing international exchange and cooperation
  • Building a base as a leading cultural state