Organizational Chart

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  • Minister
    • Policy Advisor to the Minister
    • Spokesperson
      • Public Relations Division Digital Media Communication Team
    • Inspector General
      • Audit and Inspection Division
  • The 1st
    Vice Minister
    General Administration Division
    • Planning and
      Coordination Office
      • Policy Planning Bureau
        • Organization and Management
          Innovation Division
          Finance Division Regulation Reform and
          Legal Affairs Division
          ICT Management Division Gender Equality Policy Division Future Cultural Strategy Team Data-based Policy Analysis Team
      • Emergency and Security
        Management Bureau
    • Culture and
      Arts Policy Office
      • Culture Policy Bureau
        • Cultural Policy Division Korean Language Policy Division Traditional Culture Division International Cultural
          Affairs Division
      • Arts Policy Bureau
        • Arts Policy Division Performing and
          Traditional Arts Division
          Visual Arts and Design Division Culture and Arts Education Division
      • Regional Culture
        Policy Bureau
        • Regional Culture Policy Division Cultural Infrastructure Division Library Policy Division
      • Hub City of
        Asian Culture Division
    • Religious Affairs Office
      • The 1st Religious Affairs Division The 2nd Religious Affairs Division
    • Content Policy Bureau
      • Cultural Industry Policy Division Film and Video Content
        Industry Division
        Game Content Industry Division Popular Culture Industry Division Hallyu Content Cooperation Division
    • Copyright Bureau
      • Copyright Policy Division Copyright Industry Division Copyright Protection Division Cultural Trade and Cooperation
    • Media Policy Bureau
      • Media Policy Division Broadcast and Advertisement
        Policy Division
        Publication, Printing and Reading
        Promotion Division
    • Former Jeonnam Provincial
      Hall Restoration Bureau
      • Restoration Cooperation Division Restoration Facility Division
  • The 2nd
    Vice Minister
    Deputy Minister
    • Public
      Communications Office
      • Public Communication
        Policy Bureau
        • Public Communication
          Policy Division
          Public Communication
          Coordination Division
          Public Communication
          Support Division
      • Public Communication
        Support Bureau
        • Public Communication
          Content Management Division
          Public Opinion Division PR Analysis Division
      • Digital Media
        Communication Bureau
        • Digital Media Communication
          Policy Division
          Digital Media Communication
          Management Division
          Policy News Portal Division Digital Media Communication
          Production Division
    • Sports Bureau
      • Sports Policy Division Sports Promotion Division Sports Industry Division
      • Sports Cooperation Bureau
        • International Sports Division Sports for the Disabled Division Sports Legacy Division
    • Tourism Policy Bureau
      • Tourism Policy Division Domestic Tourism Promotion
        International Tourism Division Tourism Service Enhancement
      • Tourism Industry Policy
        • Tourism Industry Policy Division Convergence Tourism Industry
          Tourism Development Division