Affiliated Organizations

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Affiliated Organization - name, url
Organization Name URL
The National Academy of Arts of The Republic of Korea
Korea National University of Arts
Gukak National High School
Gukak National Middle School
National Museum of Korea
National Institute of the Korean Language
National Library of Korea
Korean Culture and Information Service
National Gugak Center
National Folk Museum of Korea
National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
National Theater of Korea
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Affiliated Organization - name, url
Organization Name URL
Korea Tourism Organization
Korean Film Biz Zone
Arts Council Korea
Korea Press Foundation
The Korea International Broadcasting Foundation
Game Rating Board
Gugak Broadcasting Foundation
Grand Korea Leisure
Korean Olympic Committee
Myeongdong · Jeongdong Theater Foundation
King Sejong Institute
Korea Media Rating Board
Korea Arts Management Service
Seoul Arts Center
Korea Performing Arts Center
Literature Translation Institute of Korea
Korea Culture and Tourism Institute
Korea Arts and Culture Education Service
Korea Culture Information Service Agency
Korean Film Archive
Korea Copyright Commission