The National Museum of World Writing Opens in May 2023

Date Mar 24, 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) held “Plate Hanging Ceremony for the National Museum of World Writing” on March 18 (Fri) at Meet-You-All Tower, Songdo, Incheon.


The National Museum of World Writing, the first national museum to be built in Incheon, started construction in November 2019 and is scheduled to open in May 2023.  The task force team for the construction of the museum was launched in December 2020 and the team is responsible for managing museum construction. Besides, construction management, the team is also responsible for collecting text-related materials, exhibition design, production and installation. The dedicated team worked at the National Hangeul Museum temporarily, but moved to Songdo, Incheon for efficient planning and better working environment.


The National Museum of World Writing is a museum established to share and spread the value of world characters of creativity, communication, and diversity. The museum is expected to raise awareness on the diversity of world cultures and promote mutual understanding. The mission of the museum reaches out to recognize and promote the value of writing and communication by research and exhibition of the world’s diverse writing systems and related cultural heritages.


The construction of the museum is currently progressing without any setbacks with a completion rate of 65%. The detailed design for the exhibition construction was completed in December last year, and the on-site installation work is scheduled to begin in earnest from April this year.


Under the theme of “The Great Journey of Letters and Civilization”, the exhibition introduces the greatest invention of the humankind. The permanent exhibition will display a Prologue of Great Invention to Road of Writing (Part 1), Writing Makes Culture (Part 2), and Future of Writing in Epilogue. In addition, there are plans to exhibit Braille relics related to Hunmaengjeongeum created by Park Du-seong, who was born in Incheon.


The National Museum of World Writing will become an exhibition in Incheon as the first national museum to serve as an open museum for better communication with the world through text.