SONG Ga-In Became “2022 Hanbok Honorary Ambassador”

Date Mar 21, 2022

  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister HWANG Hee, MCST) appointed singer SONG Ga-In as the “2022 Hanbok Honorary Ambassador”. SONG made debut in 2012 and has appeared in various famous TV shows, including “Miss Trot”. SONG finally became the winner of the show in 2019  and has led the huge popularity of trot music[1]. SONG originally started as Pansori[2] singer when she was in middle school. During her many performances at TV shows and on stages, SONG has worn Hanbok, showing the beauty of the Korean traditional costumes.


  According to the 2022 Overseas Hallyu Survey”, Korean culture and contents maintained popularity even during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to high interests in Hanbok and Korean traditional culture. As the new Honorary  Ambassador for this year, SONG will be active in promoting wearing Hanbok and raising awareness of Koreans wearing Hanbok more frequently in daily lives. Also, the new Ambassador will be able to create environment where people from the world will be interested in not only Hanbok, but also other features of the Korean traditional culture. 


  After the ceremony of being appointed as the ambassador on March 21 (Mon), SONG said in a interview that she knew MCST has been promoting Hanbok to be worn more frequently in our daily lives as introducing Hanbok as the school uniforms and clothes to be worn at workplaces. In particular, she mentioned overseas projects as Hanbok fashion schools and promotional events held in many Korean Cultural Centers abroad. SONG commented that as the Hanbok Ambassador, she will try Hanbok to be loved by not only Koreans but also people around the world.


  SONG Ga-In's interview will be available via the official MCST youtube channel ( on March 25 (Fri). Commemorating the appointment of the “2022 Hanbok Honorary Ambassador”, people can write online comments by April 27 (Wed) and small Hanbok related gifts will be given out to those who were selected.


 MCST Minister HWANG said “I would like to congratulate and thank singer SONG Ga-In for being the Honorary Hanbok Ambassador in 2022 and hope that SONG will participate in many activities in promoting Hanbok at home and abroad, so that people from outside Korea will love Hanbok more. Also he added that MCST will try to promote Hanbok as a daily clothes that people around the world will also enjoy wearing Hanbok in everyday lives, not only on special days.



[1] Trot is a genre of Korean popular music, known for its use of repetitive rhythm and vocal inflections.

[2] A Korean genre of musical storytelling performance by a singer and a drummer.