K-Content EXPO in SINGAPORE 2022 from Jul 26 to 29

Date Jul 25, 2022

  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) will hold the “K-Content EXPO in SINGAPORE 2022” in collaboration with the Korea Creative Content Agency (President CHO Hyun-rae, KOCCA) to support the advancement of Korea-based content companies into overseas markets. The event will be held at the Sands EXPO & Convention Center for four days from July 26 (Tue) to 29 (Fri) in Singapore.

  This year marks the seventh anniversary of the K-Content EXPO, a comprehensive fair centered on Korean content. The EXPO is organized to help reinforce the presence of Hallyu and expand international marketing channels for domestic content companies. This event is aimed at diversifying export markets by reaching out to both key and potential markets for Hallyu.

  Singapore is a highly attractive market, ranking third in the overseas content market attraction survey. It boasts strong purchasing power in the content and related industries. It also has a far-reaching economic and cultural impact on other Southeast Asian countries and serves as a link between Korea and the Southeast Asian market due to its geographical position.

  This year’s K-Content EXPO will be held in Singapore to raise Southeast Asian countries’ (Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines in addition to Singapore) awareness of Hallyu and promote the export of Hallyu content. It will bring together 27 Korea-based content companies, six startups, and 40 overseas buyers through programs such as one-on-one business matching export counseling, forums, content pitching, the networking reception, and on-site workshops at local companies.

  On July 26 (Tue), a content exchange forum and content pitching event will be held. During the forum, the consumption patterns of Singapore’s Millennials and Gen Z, Southeast Asia’s OTT content market trends, export strategies for Korean content, and the competitiveness and joint production possibilities of immersive content in the Southeast Asian market will be discussed.

  The schedule for July 27 (Wed), features the networking reception. Representatives from associations and institutions in three Southeast Asian countries, 27 Korea-based content companies, and six launchpad program startups, as well as buyers invited from overseas will attend the reception.

  One-on-one export counseling will be held for three days from July 26 (Tue) to 28 (Thu), providing Korea-based content companies the chance to talk with overseas buyers. Due to the lockdown measures of the Chinese government, buyers in China will be participating via online. On July 29 (Fri), buyers from Singapore are scheduled to visit to help Korean content companies identify the latest trends in Singapore’s content industry and gain business cooperation opportunities through networking.