CRAVITY Became the 2022 Korean Culture Ambassador

Date Jun 15, 2022

The Korean Culture and Information Service (Director PARK Myeongsun, KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) announced on June 15 that CRAVITY (K-Pop boy band of nine members) will be serving as the 2022 ambassador for Korean culture. The Korean culture ambassador will share the charm of Korean culture in the world. CRAVITY, known as the 4th generation idol group in Korea, made debut in 2020. The group has a fandom at home and abroad for its intensive and refreshing performance and they recently had a successful concert in the US. The ceremony for appointing CRAVITY as the Korean culture ambassador was live-streamed via the official Korea. Net Youtube channel (

Since 2014, KOCIS has been introducing Korean culture abroad with K-pop idol groups, which have high overseas recognition and growth potential. Idol groups appointed as culture ambassador have also been established as a successful case for promoting outside of Korea by establishing themselves as global stars with worldwide recognition. CRAVITY plans to launch full-fledged activity as ambassador starting with the video of the “Talk Talk Korea 2022”.

Meanwhile, marking the 9th year of  the International Content Contest, this year's contest will be held from June 15 (Wed) to October 31 (Mon) for foreigners residing at home and abroad. The main theme of the contest is “What I 'LOVE' about Korea” with seven detailed sub-themes. Those who want to apply in the contest can upload the works via the official website (, checking the application period. The official website also presents works of the past contest winners and entries of this year in real-time.