Train K-Contents Professionals to Advance into Global Market

Date May 11, 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) together with the Korea Creative Content Agency (President, JO Hyun-rae, KOCCA) run “Contents Export and Marketing Professionals Training” program from June 21 (Tue) to December in order to facilitate sustainable Korean contents to advance into the international markets. Under the theme of “K-Content Connects the World”, MCST and KOCCA will train professional experts in contents export and marketing field  as well as understanding of the world contents industry.


The program includes both theoretical lectures and practical classes such as basic procedures on export and marketing, strategy on advancing into the international markets, analysis of the new market models, English communication, developing and presenting marketing materials, and reviewing English contract documents. In addition to the lectures and practical curriculum, there are also lectures from the field experts; CEO Sean LEE from d'strict, which became famous with the digital waterfall at the Times Square in Newyork City, vice president LEE Seung Kyu from the The Pinkfong Company”, well-known for “Baby Shark” will give lectures filled with the on-site experiences. Those field experts will be able to deliver the successful stories of working in the international markets, including various topics of media, games, animation, webtoons, stories, and music.

Prospective participants include 50 people who want to create start-ups in contents export and marketing field as well as 50 officials (workers) who newly joined companies in contents area. Those who will be taking the course are able to take part in the practical training during the trading between domestic companies. Moreover, eligible trainees will be able to take courses on basic and advanced language courses, and on-site B2B businesses environments.  


Eligible participants can apply from May 10 (Tue) to May 27 (Fri), and after the screening process, final results will be announced on June 10 (Fri). For companies, which to apply for advanced classes and overseas training courses can also apply from May 10 (Tue) to July 22 (Fri). More details on courses, lecturers will be able to check on the official website of KOCCA ( and KOCCA online education platform EDU KOCCA (


MCST said “Recently global content companies  run a systematic organization dedicated to global expansion, whereas Korean content organizations are relatively small-to-medium sized companies compared to the world-class organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to provide environment to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic content companies to advance into the global market.”