Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism 2022 Business Plan

World-leading cultural powerhouse;
culture that has a real impact on the daily lives of citizens

Strengthening the status as a cultural powerhouse
  • ① Promote K-content overseas
  • ② Enhance the industrial value of hallyu
  • ③ Expand the base of hallyu throughout culture
Returning to cultural life
  • ④ Restore relevant industries, such as tourism and sports
  • ⑤ Offer chances to enjoy culture in everyday life
  • ⑥ Comfort people through culture and arts
Consolidating the foundation for the future of culture, sports, and tourism
  • ⑦ Attain K-content digital new deal outcomes
  • ⑧ Cultivate creative talents
  • ⑨ Build a proper cultural and sporting ecosystem
  • ⑩ Foster cultural and tourism circumstances locally