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People of All Ages around the World Learned and Enjoyed Korean Traditional Arts

Date Nov 20, 2020

-K-COMMUNITY FESTIVAL 2020 held online joined by K-pop stars and Hallyu fanclubs-



The Korean Culture and Information Service (Director Park Jung-youl, KOCIS) of the Ministry of Culture Sports, and Tourism (Minister Park Yang-woo) will open K-COMMUNITY FESTIVAL 2020 online joined by K-pop stars and Hallyu fanclubs on Nov.22th(Sun) at 8:00pm, in cooperation with the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange(President Kim Yong-rak, KOFICE).

* YouTube Channel:


The KOCIS provided videos on how to perform Korean traditional arts including Samulnori(percussion), Ganggangsullae(circle dance), Minyo(Folksong), Talchum(mask dance) and Taekwondo dance in September. Each art performance has been shown by trainers and K-pop stars so that Hallyu fans can learn and follow the movements easily. The fanclubs around the world shared their followed performances online by October and the final winner of each art field will be announced at this online festival.



K-pop stars who have gained popularity abroad such as THE BOYZ(Taekwondo dance),(G)-I-DLE(Ganggangsullae), PENTAGON(Samulnori), OH MY GIRL(Minyo) and ONF(Talchum) will show each traditional art and share their experience to encourage participation among international fans.



From 8 to 77, People of All Ages around the World

have Joined K-Community Festival 2020



This event especially holds significiance regarding it has been a venue to experience and enjoy Korean traditional arts for Hallyu fanclubs across 38 countries such as Europe, America and Asia. Participants were varied from 8 years old child(France) to 77 years old lady(Poland).


▲ Miso, a band from Poland university for senior citizens, expressed excitement saying they could overcome hard time due to the pandemic singing a Korean folksong, Ongheya, ▲ Seoul Light, a team who showcased ganggangsullae wearing hanbok at local tourist destination from Romania, ▲ SEOULA, an American K-pop fanclub who completed Taekwondo dance performance collecting each members’ videos since group gathering is difficult due to the pandemic. All of these videos conveyed a message of encouragement and hope to the world. Besides, diverse contents can be found such as demonstration of how to make hanbok or tal(traditional mask) or collaboration between Korean traditional arts and each countries art such as song, costumes and dance.


The judging committee will select winners from each arts field and final winner at this online festival. The winner will be provided traditional costumes, props and the newest filming equipment so that they can keep their activity to promote Korean culture.


Expanded the Realm of Hallyu to Traditioanl Arts

through Online Festival Joined by K-Pop Stars


K-pop stars who have participated in the event, THE BOYZ , (G)-I-DLE, PENTAGON, OH MY GIRL and ONF, will announce each winner at the online festival. They will showcase traditional performances and share their impression and meet the winners through screen.


“It was an opportunity to feel the love for Hallyu from the world”, Director Park Jung-youl of the KOCIS said. He added “The scope of Hallyu has been restricted in popular culture so far, taking this event as an opportunity, I hope the realm of interest can be extended to more traditional part. It is expected to see growing interest and love for Korean culture from the world making such events more in the near future”.


The details can be found at the official website(